Give your racers what they want
with real-time results

Racers want their results immediately and now you can deliver the moment they cross the finish line. With NSPiRE Timing, results are online instantaneously, with age group and team reporting. And NSPiRE Sharing lets your racers set up their profile to share their results, real-time via email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter.

Accessible to anyone, anywhere

Gone are the days of printing results and taping them up on a wall or on a table. Your race results are available to anyone, anywhere via the web, including at your event. Users can sort the results by age group, search for individuals, see pace, finish times and even splits. Live results are also available via our free NSPiRElive Mobile App.

Way cool factor

Not only can racers and event participants see the results immediately, they can interact with them on iPads. With NSPiRE Timing, iPads at the finish line let racers immediately check out how they performed. They can select different views to see results by category/age group or search for an individual. The line to check these results could be longer than at the porta-potties! Find out more...

Racers can share socially

Your racers will love that they can have their live results shared with their friends and family. They choose whether they want to text, email, tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook or do it all. This added visibility for your event will generate excitement for your next race. You can also designate a hashtag or keyword and have a live Twitter stream on the NSPiRE results page so friends and family can cheer on your racers. Find out more...

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